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  Dosing Calculator

My Easy To Use Dosing Calculator Will Help You Determine How Many Milligrams THC (or CBD) Are In Your Homemade Edibles!

How To Use The THC/CBD Calculator


First, click to:

Figure out how many milligrams THC per gram is in the marijuana you are going to cook with. If you have lab tested cannabis, use the percentage of THC or CBD here. If you are NOT using lab tested marijuana, watch this short video class to estimate the % THC. It's best if you have a lab tested % for a CBD calculation.


Begin by entering the weight, in grams, of the amount of cannabis you are using. If you are using an ounce of marijuana to make your infusion, enter 28 (28 grams equals 1 ounce). This tells you the milligrams of THC in the entire batch.

Next enter the amount in ounce (or grams for the metric calculator) of butter oil, honey, cream, or other ingredient you are infusing. The result will be how many milligrams of THC are in each ounce or gram.


Finally, we will determine how many milligrams of THC (or CBD) are in each serving of your finished recipe.

Begin by entering the amount, in ounces (grams for metric calculator) of infusion your recipe uses. Then enter how many servings your recipe makes. For instance, if I know my recipe makes 36 cookies, I would enter 36 here.

And voila! You now know how many milligrams of THC each serving of your home made marijuana edibles has. No more guessing!

This dosing calculator is for estimation purposes only and should not be used in place of lab testing.

Note on Calculating CBD dosages:
In this FREE online dosing class, I teach you how to estimate the percentage of THC for weed that has NOT been lab tested. However, estimating CBD percentages is more tricky and the ranges are all over the map. Also, unlike THC you don't feel the physical effects of CBD's in such a way that you can judge the strength. Knowing this, to calculate CBD dosages you WILL need to use lab tested plant material and know the CBD percentage.

Dosing with Concentrates
To learn to calculate dosages when using kief, hash, or hash oils, or how to adjust dosages when adapting your own recipes, check out my comprehensive online course Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks.